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Wood Saw Dust

We provide Wood Saw Dust to our customers. Wood Saw Dust is a by-product of cutting lumber with a saw, composed of fine particles of wood. It can present a hazard in manufacturing industries, especially in terms of its flammability. Wood Saw Dust has a variety of practical uses, including serving as mulch, as an alternative to clay cat litter, as a fuel, or for the manufacture of particleboard. Until the advent of refrigeration, it was often used in icehouses to keep ice frozen during the summer.

Product Details

  • Moisture % In commercial practice -40
  • Calorific Value -2800
  • Source Areas Production- Rampur and Malihabad
  • PeriodAvailable- October to June
  • Volume in metric ton in 1 year- 40000 MT

Saw Dust Is Used As

  • Mulch
  • Alternative to clay cat litter
  • Fuel
  • Artistic displays


Material Wood
Use Boiler Fuel
Feature Good Quality, Light Weight, Reliable
Packaging 10-20kg, 20-30kg, 40-50kg
Form Dust
Packaging Type Carton, Plastic Bag, Pp Bag