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What is the business ? Firstly we have to understand the Term Renewable energy Renewable energy is energy which comes from natural resources which are naturally replenished.These natural resources are of many types viz- Renewable energy
  • Source Sharein renewable energy as per world wise usage
  • Wind Area limitation, Only can be done in large fields where speed of wind is good enougfh
  • Solar Costly
  • Hydro Area limitation
  • Biomass 80% No limitation of area,cost effective
  • Biomass/Non conventional Industrial fuel Industrial waste/ industrial by-product
    • Bagasse
    • Saw dust
    • Vinner chips cutting
  • Agri Waste
    • Outer covering of paddy
    • Mustard Husk
    • Mungfali Chilka
    • Soyabean Husk
    • Bajra Kutti
  • Disposal cost converted to profits Collection and logistic cost involved,which is very cheaper than convention industrial fuels (coal ,Oils)
  • Generates employment Forest waste is basically collection work,which involves a no of labour to be involved in, thus helps rural economy
  • Enviornmentally helpful The resulting CO2 emissions are equal to the amount of CO2 that the sugarcane plant absorbed from the atmosphere during its growing phase, which makes the process of cogeneration greenhouse gas-neutral cleaning automatically done,if not done will creat piles of waste in very large quantity
  • Support in financial growth of country 20 crores come in books from unregistered dealer
Challenges of this business The aim of the work was to identify and explore opportunities and challenges for nanotechnology commercialisation and to propose policy recommendations to address specific challenges in selected application fields. The key question is whether nanotechnology brings with it new and unique challenges for companies, challenges that may require new types of policy responses.